4:47am April 23, 2014
4:07am April 23, 2014


we have jude law


and then we have jude law


3:33am April 23, 2014

i got 52 likes on a seflie today

1:26am April 23, 2014


John O'Callaghan + Plaid
1:19am April 23, 2014
This is too much power to give me.

This is too much power to give me.

10:24pm April 22, 2014

officialirnbru said: ughh ur so cute

Even when I look like Benedict Cumberbatch’s melty sister? :P Thanks though!

8:03pm April 22, 2014

The first photo was taken on March 24th after I had an allergic reaction to e45 cream and my psoriasis got so much worse. The second was taken today after a couple of weeks using eumovate and curatoderm. Holy fuck.

7:47pm April 22, 2014

Prince George’s First Royal Tour